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Annette Brandanger is a dance practitioner working as a performer, teaching artist and choreographer. 

Annette Brandanger is an independent dancer, pedagogue, and teaching artist with a keen interest in interdisciplinary work. She explores connections between visual art, voice, and movement, passionate about educational initiatives that bridge the gap between education and the arts.

Current collaborators:

Kunstbanken Gallery, Hamar

Brandt/ Laland Mohn

Nynorsk kultursentrum 

The National Museum, Oslo

Annette Brandanger received her performer training at Laban Trinity Conservatoire of Dance, earning a BA Hons from 1997 to 2000, followed by a Post Grad program at Transitions Dance Company in London from 2000 to 2001. She pursued her pedagogy training at The National Arts Academy of Oslo from 2010 to 2011 and obtained a Mentoring certificate from The Norwegian Academy of Music from 2020 to 2021. 

Since 2001 Annette has been working with, about, through and around dance. Dancing, exploring, researching, developing, reflecting and questioning.

Why dance?

Annette sees dance as something fundamental to being human. Her approach to dance is intricately linked to the mobility of the human body and the exploration of movement possibilities from within. She is intrigued by work that allows for time to create, explore, investigate, communicate, process, and produce. Annette finds profound beauty in powerful movement, bold expression, chaos, simplicity, and how we utilize the space around us, all while maintaining great attention to detail and presence in the moment.  

To read more about her teaching, click here

Intervju with Annette Brandanger

Publication on Cros-sectoral collaboration

DansINN farger_5.jpg

Annette B har en smittende entusiasme for å uttrykke seg gjennom bevegelse kombinert med overbevisende evne til å skape kontakt i formidlingssituasjonen

Inga Blix, Turneorganisasjonen


Most recent productions. 

Exploratorium, Laland Mohn/ Brandanger

Dans deg inn, Nasjonal Museum Oslo 

UTSYN | INNSYN, Einy Aam Sparks Nynorsk Kultursenter

Rundt Pianoet, Viken DKS

Kunst Inn i kroppen, Brandanger productions


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Board activity

2015-2023 SANS/ Chairwoman at  SANS: Senter for dansepraksis, i skole, utdanning og forskning, Oslo, Norway

2020-2024 DansINN, Hamar, Norway

Chair since 2024


2009-2023 SIB/ Chairwoman at Skisser i bevegelse, Hamar, Norway

2018/2021 FKS: Chairwoman Fellesrådet for Kunstfag i skolen, Oslo, Norway

2015-2020 NODA/ Norske dansekunstnere, The editors, Oslo, Norway

One Dance UK

Selected at dancers mentoring programme 2015/2016

CDP Career development mentoring 2016



Receiver of scholarship from Arts Council Norway 2020

Badge of honour

Knapper og Glansbilder / NODA DIS-kursgruppe/ 2015

Annette is based in Oslo, Norway with strong connections to her hometown Hamar and the UK.

A collection of my work

Associated with Embodied practice, UK


Tel: (0047) 454 13 218


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