Professional class with Constant Movement 

In collaboration with PRODA

Wednesdays at 09:00am-11:00am

Venue: Oslo Parkour Park

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Obs! This semester will be organised with kohort groups. Please get in touch if you wish to take part. 

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Workshop with Manuel Ronda: INNERSELF

Thursday 11th and 18th feb 12:00-13:30

Main focus on:

- Text and Movement Universe

- The use of the Voice/ Weight.

- Visible& Invisible Self.

- Improvisational skills Body/ Voice/ Memory"

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Classes/ collaboration with PRODA start in week 5

03.02.21 kohort 1 Annette Brandanger/ Start up

10.02.21 kohort 1 Ida Haugen/ Intuitiv refleksjon

17.02.21 kohort 1 Ida Haugen/ Intuitiv refleksjon

24.02.21 kohort 1 Annette Brandanger/ Feet to fingertips 

03.03.21 kohort 2 Annette Brandanger/ Feet to fingertips 

10.03.21 kohort 2 Annette Brandanger/ Feet to fingertips 

17.03.21 kohort 2 Annette Brandanger/ Feet to fingertips 

24.03.21 kohort 2 Annette Brandanger/ Feet to fingertips 

31.03.21 kohort 3 Alexander Aarø

07.04.21 kohort 3 Alexander Aarø

14.04.21 kohort 3 Alexander Aarø

21.04.21 kohort 3 Alexander Aarø

28.04.21 kohort 4

05.05.21 kohort 4

12.05.21 kohort 4

19.05.21 kohort 5 Annette Brandanger

26.05.21 kohort 5 Annette Brandanger

02.06.21 kohort 5 Annette Brandanger

09.06.21 kohort 5 Summer Groove 



CM created in May 2020 is a training collective for contemporary dancers. 


Constant Movement will provide training opportunities to freelancers who wish to move with flow, explore and enjoy dancing and achieve or maintain high performance

We plan to achieve this by providing consistent training to improve technique, prevent injuries, improve and implement daily routines and work-methods, while working as a professional dancers

The goal with this start-up is to provide a regular training with focus on the moving body. Meaning techniques which supports you to expand your movement vocabulary, gain agility, strength, endurance, resilience and flow. The training will care for your body, challenge it and push it further.

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