Project for DKS


Et lite stykke kunst at SIB-Lab 


"Et lite stykke kunst"

(A piece of Art)

An art performance with interaction. 

An embodied experience with visual arts, inspiring our proprioceptive senses. The project invites the participants to express themselves freely through movement, voice, and visual arts.


School touring, Gallery performance, site specific experience, stage performance and production

2021 Collaborations with The National Museum, Oslo

2021 Touring DKS in Horten  

2017-2020 Touring DKS in Hedmark/ Innlandet

2019 Presentation at conference "Art in Education", OsloMet 

2017 Presented at Kunstbanken during SIB Dance LAB

2016 Workshop/ performance at the National Museum, Oslo

The project is developed as a performance workshop.

On tour with DKS in Norway 

Created and performed by

Annette Brandanger (Movement)

Hillevi S Larsson ( movement)  

Camilla Brandt (Voice)

Solveig Laland Mohn ( Actor)

Produced by Kulturskolen, Stange

Supported by Hedmark Fylkeskommune, Stange kommune

In collaboration with National Museum; Oslo

Project for Galleries

The work presented to Kids