2016 Up'nMove research: Martial art and dance


2020 Presence 

Exploring movement in a confined way, encouraging traces, marks and patterns

2014 Play

Annette Brandanger and Alexander Aarø

2013 Single point contact 

Annette Brandanger and Sanna Ryg 

2013 Conversations

Playful interaction between martial art and dance 

Sua Rusten and Annette Brandanger

2015 Play

Annette Brandanger and Alexander Aarø

Up'nMove research 2019 Group improvisation with Frikar X

2013 A longer session of play, an improvisation with dance, Capoeira, acrobatics and music

Martial artist: Sua Rusten

Martial artist: Torkjell Leire

Dancer: Annette Brandanger

Music: Erlend Viken