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Workshop and teaching 

Annette teaches classes with a curious and mindful physical experience. The movement material and choreography include material of rhythmical, dynamic and physical challenge, with emphasis on movement of the spine, shifting of the weight exploring symmetric and A-symmetric movements, movement pathways and free flow. The class have little or no stopping, encouraging a continuous flow, finding awareness between dancers and space. Her experience from Laban studies, acrobatic skills and Capoeira, influences her style of material, with emphasis on flow through precision of constant moving. She holds teacher training qualification from Laban Centre London and KHIO (PPU), Oslo. She has also participated at teacher training courses with Candoco Dance CompanySiobhan Davis CompanyStep into danceJump start move,

Vocabulary and communication has a sentral role in her work, paying attention to external attentional focus and truly grasping the understanding of movement through the body, but also verbally. Annette has taken part in several research projects focusing on these topics. 

What to expect: My classes in Constant movement 

Professional level: Entering the work by building up attention to body architecture. Developing a dynamic class, paying attention to the weight of the body shifting in space, encouraging change of level and space, exploring floor work being grounded with hands and feet while being playful and curious. We work in a circle, across the floor, using the space and moving together as a group. The work may include some partner work relevant to the technical skills. Exiting with flow, letting go of the energy! 

Intermediate: Entering with body architecture warmup and playfulness. Explorations across the floor, some partner work to explore weight, build up communication and create great relations to peer dancers. Playful combination or improvisation tasks and exiting with celebration.  

Beginners (all ages): Entering with playful and curious warmup with focus on building a great group dynamic. Shifting across the space in relation to others, introducing simple technical tasks, exploring rhythmical experiences, working in pairs experiencing movement. Exiting with a ritual for the group  

For who 

The work is suitable for professionals, young dancers and amateurs. Annette has extensive experience working with dance across ability and skills. As well as teaching highly technical classes on professional level she is able to adapt her style and interest to meet movers of all levels; elders, dance and disabilities, movement for babies and toddlers, creative dance for kids and youth, creative dance for youth offenders and kids with difficult behaviour/ background


Annette teaches workshops and classes by project and is busy visiting different institutions, schools, universities sharing her work. Recently she presented her work at NOFOD conference in Copenhagen (2022) and at OsloMet during the international Art in Education conference (2019). 


Currently she is engaged in work with DKS in Norway, with focus on delivering work including Visual art in Gallery spaces. Other collaborations includes Polardans in Tromsø, SANS ( and PRODA. She has also worked at  The National Arts Academy  in Oslo, Den norske ballett skole, Greenwich Dance Agency, English National Ballet, Royal Academy of Dance 

She teaches Masterclasses abroad and has previously visited Italy, Russia, Mexico and Switzerland

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