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Where: Kunstbanken, Hamar, Norway

19-27 Sep 2019


A bodily experience through Knut Wold's work

Stein i rom, Rom i stein ( translated: rock in room, space in room) is a project initiated by
Kunstbanken in Hamar as part of Galleri Fallera. The workshop performance was developed and performed by Annette Brandanger

During the exhibition by Knut Wold and his solo exhibition at Kunstbanken, a movement project was proposed.

How to create a project that allows the audience toexperience the work through their body?
I was invited to create a project for 7th grade pupils, where they would get the chance to explore, investigate and experience the work by Knut Wold through their body and senses.

The project would run for 7 days, 3 runs pr day
Duration pr session 70 min


I have chosen a framework which allows both the performer and the teacher to be present at once as one character. There is a seamless exchange between performance, tasks and storytelling, creating a curious landscape for the visitors. This workshop has no clear definition between the performer and the pedagogue.

The pupils are invited to explore and experience the work from within themselves. Through active play and investigation the pupils get the opportunity to interact with the sculptures, creating their own understanding and sense of the material they meet. At the same time there is a clear expectation to be present and to experience. There is time to be still, opportunity to trigger force, the option of playing with limits and gaining an understanding of the body control they own.



“When discovering abstract art, the physical exploration may be seen as a very important part of the process towards: how to understand art, how to learn art and how to discover art”.

Annette Brandanger


Reidun Eken

Lektor ( kunst/ pedagogikk)

Inga Blix, Turneorganisasjonen

Ingrid Blekastad

Direktør ved Kunstbanken 

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